Silvercorp Metals Interview with Crux Investor: What to Do with +$200M in Cash


Crux Investor interview with Lon Shaver, Vice President of Silvercorp Metals (TSX/NYSE: SVM).

Silvercorp Metals Inc. is a diversified precious metals producer, with its main assets situated in China. The company’s asset portfolio contains several active mines which produce, silver, lead, gold and zinc which are implemented towards feeding the Chinese solar panels and windmill equipment manufacturing industry demand. The company also has a significant investment in other companies including New Pacific Metals Corp. which has a portfolio of projects in Bolivia. The company believes its operations in China will not be affected by geopolitical concerns; this is due to the production phases of various international companies being intimately tied to China.

0:00 - Company Overview
0:23 - Perspective towards the Company Options
1:53 - New Pacific’s Path Forward and Opportunity for Silvercorp Metals in it
3:17 - Plans towards the Silvercorp Metals’ Stake in New Pacific Metals
4:15 - Optionality in Playing the Company’s Project Portfolio
5:11 - Perspective towards the Current Market Condition
6:11 - Strategy in Advancing the Company with regards to M&A
8:09 - Paying Attention towards the Future Projects’ Jurisdiction
9:23 - Properly Vetting the M&A Prospects
11:49 - Attitude towards Share Buyback and Dividend
13:56 - Seeking Strategic Partners via Communicating Opportunities
15:48 - Objectively Evaluating Silvercorp Metals
17:56 - What makes the Company apart from its Peers
19:08 - Perspective towards the Company’s Shareholder Register
20:10 - Outro

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