Will Lithium Mining be Disrupted?


Lithium mining makes the batteries for our phones, cars, and power grid possible, but where does lithium come from? Mining lithium happens in one of two ways normally. Liquid brines and hard rock spodumene are the major sources of lithium.

Mining spodumene and filtering brine for lithium can take a lot of time or use a lot of energy. However, mining for lithium could change radically in the future.

Digging up clay and extracting lithium could revolutionize the lithium mining industry. Clay minerals are softer, more accessible, and less energy-intensive to extract lithium from. Tesla is even looking to get involved!

0:00 Why Lithium Mining matters
0:53 Lithium in liquid brines
1:41 Liquid brine processing for lithium extraction
2:07 Pros and Cons of Brines
3:01 Mining Spodumene for lithium
3:30 Extracting lithium from spodumene ore
4:17 Pros and Cons of Spodumene mining
5:13 Australian spodumene mining projects
6:00 Mining clay for lithium
6:43 Current state of the clay mining industry in Nevada
7:49 American Lithium clay mining strategy
8:25 Tesla and lithium clay mining
9:50 Pros and Cons of clay mining
10:31 Wrap-up
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