John Feneck & SVM Webinar


John Feneck joined SVM VP Lon Shaver to discuss the latest Silvercorp updates, where the Silver price is going, and questions from viewers.

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1:25 - Silver breaking out on Nov 4th
3:08 - Silver resistance level
5:20 - SVM's focus over the next 12 months
8:15 - Gold production increase
11:20 - China jurisdiction thoughts
13:52 - New Pacific (TSX: NUAG NYSE-A: NEWP) upcoming PEA
18:46 - What is Silvercorp planning on doing with their 200M in cash?
20:48 - Silver price prediction
24:18 - September GDX and GDXJ rebalance
27:20 - What are SVM's plans for exploration and resource development?
29:30 - Are there possible joint venture opportunities?

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