THE Mining Investment Event of the North – for all the Right Reasons!


Recording date: 24th November 2022

THE Mining Event of the North - Canada's only Tier 1 Mining Investment Conference, June 19-21, 2023 in Quebec City.

Showcasing the best of Canadian mining to an international investment audience. Featuring a mix of explorers, developers, royalty companies & producers representing all commodities with a key focus on critical metals. Also features keynotes & panels with well-known industry thought leaders.

0:00 - Introduction of Joanne Jobin
0:47 - Overview of the “exclusive but inclusive” mentality in the conference
2:47 - Enhancing networking at the mining conference
3:31 - Reason for companies to participate in the conference
6:08 - Reason for investors to attend the conference
8:03 - Vetting process for the investors
9:35 - Plans in organizing conferences in the future
10:22 - Plans in having critical metals security conference
12:06 - Outro

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